Cecile C. Weich

2500 Johnson Avenue
Suite 5F-G
Bronx, NY 10463
718. 549. 2238
E-mail: ccweich@sprynet.com

2010243.jpgCecile C. Weich, a noted attorney with offices in the Bronx, New York and Washington D.C., attended Bronx Public Schools before entering City College where she was one of the first group of women to graduate form the Liberal Arts Division in 1956. She graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1958 and was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1959. She is also a member of the Bar in Washington D.C. and Maryland. Ms. Weich has become a leading authority on Women's Legal Issues and a proponent of pre-marriage agreements. She represents men as well as women in family and divorce, as well as other disciplines in the law. She co-founded the New York Association of Women Business Owners, the Network Organization of Bronx Women, Inc., and founded and chaired the Bronx Women's Political Caucus where she served as an elected member of its National By-Laws Committee. She is a member of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce and has served as its Counsel. Ms. Weich has been a legislative aide both in the New York City Council and the New York State Legislature and ran for the New York State Assembly in 1988. In 1990, she was chosen by the then President George Bush to sit on the New York State Committee of the Federal Civil Rights Commission and was reappointed by former President Bill Clinton. Named Outstanding Business and Professional Woman of the Year in 1985 by the New York State Business and Professional Women's Club and Woman of the Year in 1995 by Pro Israel, she has lectured extensively across the nation and has penned numerous articles for major publications; been quoted and featured in a multitude of newspaper articles, and has often been seen on such television shows as Larry King Live; Oprah Winfrey; Sally Jessie Raphael; Phil Donohue; Good Morning New York; the Today Show; Eyewitness News; Politically Incorrect; MSNBC; Fox News, and CNBC. Ms. Weich was counsel to the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the Women's Economic Roundtable.

*Ms. Weich has practiced extensively in the field of Family and Matrimonial Law and is well known in this area by the public, the Bench and the Bar. A divorce attorney with a diverse general practice, her cases run the gamut from matrimonial to constitutional.

*She understands the stresses that can shake personal and professional relationships and can speak of them with clarity and candor. Whether in the formal setting of a giant lecture hall or in the family room of a neighbor's home, Ms. Weich blends kindness with truth to inform, enlighten and enrich her listeners and clients.

*Currently, Ms. Weich is working to change state laws with regard to relocation of and child custody for men and women. It's very important because we live in a mobile society, and women and men must be able to move as the economic, social and psychological changes in their lives occur.

*She is a Patron of the Arts and was Associate Counsel for the New York Academy of Art and the National Museum of Women in the Arts where she is a Founder of the New Wing of the Museum in Washington, D.C. She was counsel to the National Women's History Museum, also in Washington, D.C.

*Ms. Weich has been married for forty-two years and shares with her family, two sons, a lawyer and a doctor, and four grandchildren, a love of music, theater, antiques and life. Find out more about Cecile Weich by logging onto www.ccweich.com