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Divorce and headache - what do they have in common? Both are unpleasant and exhausting experiences. But divorce may no longer have to be.

Online divorce is an affordable and low-cost way to get prepared for an uncontested divorce with minimum spending.

In this article, we will look at how to file for divorce online, the advantages and disadvantages of web divorce, the price, and requirements.

What Is an Online Divorce?

Online divorce is a service for preparing the necessary package of legal documents for getting a divorce. Online divorce companies primarily offer their services to those couples who have uncontested cases. It means that the spouses mutually agree on dissolving the marriage and on such issues as the division of shared property, alimony, child support, child custody, and joint parenting.

If the spouses have not agreed on at least one point, their case is considered contested, and they should hire a lawyer.

How Do Online Divorces Work?

Online divorce services allow spouses to forego hiring an attorney for form preparation.

The services of online divorce companies provide couples with:

  • completed divorce papers online - the petitioner no longer needs to go to a local court to get the necessary forms;
  • detailed instructions on how to submit documents to the court without a lawyer;
  • saved time, money, and nerves.

You should keep in mind that most online divorce sites will give couples the right to use their services only if both spouses are ready to file an uncontested divorce and sign a Settlement Agreement. It means that the spouses need to agree on essential aspects of the dissolution of the marriage before receiving a court decree.


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How it works

Divorceonline.com enables you to prepare all the court-required documents to start your uncontested divorce without the need to hire an attorney. After you apply for our divorce preparation service, complete the online questionnaire, and let us finish the paperwork.

We will choose state-specific forms and fill them out with the appropriate information. Once the papers are ready, print and sign them, and you’re good to go. There are no long waits or excessive fees. Our service does all the work while you stay comfortable at home.

Child Custody and Parenting Time

To be eligible for applying for divorce online, spouses must agree in advance on parenting responsibilities such as child support and child custody. There are two options for custody: joint and sole. It is also worth noting that the court does not give preference to the mother alone. If a court intervenes, a third party, such as a grandmother or grandfather, can obtain child custody.

The custody decision is made based on:

  • the wishes of the child;
  • age and gender of children;
  • the wishes of the spouses regarding where the child will live;
  • living conditions;
  • the child's relationship with family members;
  • the health of parents and child;
  • the child's attachment to home and school;
  • the criminal history of any parent or family member; and
  • evidence of domestic violence.

Also, spouses should discuss parenting time - who spends time with the child and when. If one of the parents has a criminal record or a high likelihood of violence, the court may order a supervised visit.

Property Division

The next issue that spouses need to decide to get papers for an uncontested divorce online is marital property division. Marital property refers to real estate, vehicles, retirement benefits, and debts - everything acquired by a couple in marriage.

Why is it better to solve this issue yourself? The court can divide the property fairly, but this does not always mean equally. Also, the court may not consider the spouses’ desire to receive specific assets if it does not correspond to an equal distribution of property.

Factors considered when dividing property:

  • property value;
  • the spouse’s contribution to the acquisition of the said family property;
  • the current age, mental, physical, and emotional well-being of each spouse;
  • the general financial situation of the spouses;
  • duration of the marriage;
  • wedding or prenuptial agreement;
  • conditions of custody of children;

The property that one of the spouses acquired before the wedding and gifts and inheritance received is not divided between the spouses since it is not joint property.

Another reason to agree on the division of property is to facilitate litigation and reduce divorce costs. Each new court session increases the period until the court order is issued and increases the lawyer's bill.

Spousal Support

Spousal support or alimony is optional. But if one of the spouses needs financial support, they can ask the court to award them compensation from the higher-earning spouse. Spousal support is temporary, short-term, and permanent.

When awarding alimony, the following factors are considered:

  • the spouse's performance;
  • the length of the marriage;
  • financial capabilities of the spouse;
  • division of family property;
  • the health of both spouses; and
  • if the divorce is no-fault.

File for Divorce Online

When the main issues of divorce have been resolved, spouses can proceed to fill out the papers. The online divorce process includes answering a questionnaire by the plaintiff and paying for the service. The survey usually takes no more than a couple of hours, but it’s always possible to take a break, save the progress, and return to filling out the papers when there is time.

After a petitioner sends answers to the system, it will take no more than two business days to process them and prepare the necessary forms. After that, they can download the documents with instructions for further actions.

The questionnaire includes residency, grounds for divorce, and peculiarities of the marriage. Depending on the state, residency requirements can range from six weeks to 12 months. Therefore, before applying for divorce online, it is worth clarifying this point not to waste money.

There are two types of grounds for divorce: fault and no-fault. If a petitioner wants to indicate that the divorce is due to the fault of the other spouse, they have to be prepared to provide evidence of guilt in court. It will also complicate the litigation.

Grounds for divorce with no-fault:

  • separation for a long time (each state has its requirements in this regard);
  • irreconcilable differences that spouses can not resolve.

The most common grounds for a fault divorce include:

  • adultery;
  • abuse;
  • deliberate cruelty; and
  • alcoholism or drug addiction.

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Final Words

Online divorce is an affordable and easy way to reduce divorce costs. These services help to avoid unnecessary paperwork and prepare a do-it-yourself divorce at any convenient time.